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In every 30 seconds, more than $1.2 million worth of e-commerce transactions been carried throughout the globe. And during the year 2013 there were more than $1.2 trillion worth of B2C transaction recorded. Besides from been cheaper to operate an e commerce websites are far more lucrative than having a conventional model of brick-and-mortar business.

Total E Commerce Solution

Similar to website development we take very seriously when we deliver eCommerce website solutions. Because at Asia Media Global we believe, it is the perfect way to attract and engage customers that ultimately results in purchase. Creating an eCommerce website is collaboration of technical expertise, marketing expertise and involves long term planning capabilities.

Which is why our eCommerce solutions are just powerful tools for customer interaction and we are getting very positive feedback from the customers.


Brainstorm : Not only our developers but the marketers and other relevant teams get together analyze and discuss requirements of the customer.

Design : An e-commerce site needs to have certain factors such as easy to navigate, simple, intuitive, stunning and up-to-date world class design standards. We consider all these factors when we sketch the main design.

Development : During this stage we consider product selection, product pages, user friendly shopping cart. Because we highly believe the way we develop design will ultimately makes the customers purchase decision.

Quality Assurance : Before the release we carried out many test on the developed e-commerce website in order to identify defects and resolve bugs.

Deployment : Not only production and technical support, where we advice you on measures that could be implemented to retain your customers.