OTT Services

With AMG's online video platform, you can deliver high-quality online video to anyone on any connected device around the world, however you’d like.

Our online video platform contains various tools and functionality which enable you to have complete control and flexibility when streaming content to users, putting you in charge of your content.

AMG's online video platform enables you to broadcast your content however you’d like. Our content management and delivery system, as well as reporting and stream monitoring modules, should contain everything you need from an online video platform, providing you with the most comprehensive toolset available on the market.


Our online video platform will accept content from virtually any source, whether downlinked from an existing broadcast channel, taken straight from a playout centre or added as Video-on-Demand (VOD) media assets, and prepare it for manipulation and distribution.

Content Manipulation

Create VOD media assets from incoming linear streams – Your linear channel will be recorded, VOD files will be created autonomously and moved to the relevant VOD library, thus creating a catch-up service for the viewers.

Create ‘Subscription only’ or ‘Pay as you View’ libraries for premium content and additional revenue streams.


Our online video platform can distribute your content to any number of digital platforms, including Websites, Mobile Phones/Tablets (iOS & Android), PCs and OTT platforms (e.g. LycaTV).

Our online video platform will ensure that your content reaches the viewer’s device at the right time, in the correct format. We utilise a multi bitrate output (HD, SD, ½ SD & ¼ SD) so the viewer will get the best quality service for their internet connection. ¼ SD allows those with a poor internet connection to receive the channel/content.

You can create playlists from your VOD library and output them as linear streams, effectively creating new channels from existing content.